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Gran Canaria Beaches

Playa Guayedra


Playa Guayedra is up on the north west coast of the island, not far from Agaete.


This is a rugged, natural dark sand beach about 200 meters long and average width of 48 meters. The beach is also covered with rocks and pebbles. The shoreline itself is sandy and further back pebbles so try and get there when there's a low tide and you'll enjoy a more sandy beach.

It's often windy around this part of the island and the waves can be quite strong so not suitable for kids which makes it ideal for naturists who want some peace and quiet.


The number 101 bus service passes along the road, tell the driver where you want and he'll let you know when he's stopping there though I'd really recommend against the bus serivce and hire a car. There's plenty of space to park up on the road. From the road down to the beach it's about a 20 minute walk along rugged paths though not too dificult a walk, about 3km.

From the beach itself there are spectacular views of the rugged cliffs of the east coast of the island. It's for these views a lot of people prefer this beach; to the north you can see the port of Agaete. Whilst not a requirement this is also a nudist beach.