C   a   n   a   r   y   F   o   r   u   m

Gran Canaria Beaches

El Confital

The beach is on the very north-eastern point of the city known as “La Isleta” and not far from the Port. There’s fantastic access down with parking, pathways, steps and even boardwalks on the beach itself.



This is the third of Las Palmas’ beaches and by far the more laid back. Whilst the other two are popular with tourists and locals and everyone abides by the rules, here on El Confital it’s generally a younger crowd and almost all locals and they go to have fun rather than lie motionless for hours on end.


You’ll find dogs here, football matches and other ball games, music, BBQ ….. There are often a lot of surfers here too. There’s no breakwater of any kind nor is there a lifeguard on duty and the waves can be quite strong reaching 4 meters on some days.


At the far end of the beach is an area dedicated for naturists.