C   a   n   a   r   y   F   o   r   u   m

Ten good wines under 5 euros a bottle.

Spain may have the best and widest range of wines at low prices, with excellent quality. Reasons abound. The country has the largest expanse of vineyards in the world and ranks among the three largest producers, with areas such as the central plateau, a veritable sea of vines.


To which we must add the goodness of wine and weather conditions, which allow abundant harvests, very good or excellent most years. And demand far exceeds supply. Quality is assured with the widespread incorporation into the bodegas of advanced winemaking techniques. The best price / quality ratio is in the range from three to five euros, although there are also cheaer. Chosing from such a wide and varied range is not easy. Fortunately, there are everyday wine guides, such as that produced Mivino (www.guiadelvinocotidiano.com).


Artuke 2014

Bodega: Artuke. Baths. Ebro.

Phone: 945 62 33 23.

Internet: www.artuke.com.

DO: Rioja.

Type: red carbonic maceration, 13.5%.

Grape varieties: Tempranillo and Viura something.

Price: 5 euros.

Score: 9.1 / 10.

A carbonic maceration intense aromas of wild berries bush, with balsamic, dairy and floral notes. The taste is fresh and sweet, with abundant fruity and ripe tannins.



Bodega: Brown. Yecla (Murcia).

Phone: 968 79 15 November.

Internet: www.bodegascastano.com.

DO: Yecla.

Type: Young red wine, 13.5%.

Grape varieties: Monastrell.

Price: 4 euros.

Score: 9/10.

An excellent red wine Monastrell fruit and floral aromas typical of the variety, which bind to dry and intense memories of carob Mediterranean herbs. The taste is enveloping, tasty, expressive and ripe tannins.


Castro Ventosa 2014

Bodega: Castro Ventosa. Valtuille de Abajo (León).

Phone: 987 56 21 48.

Internet: www.castroventosa.com.

DO: Bierzo.

Type: Young red wine, 14%.

Strains: Mencia.

Price: 4.50 euros.

Score: 9/10.

Bierzo Mencia very expressive, powerful aromas, concentrated ripe, Dotted notes and memories faded flowers fruit ink. A red wine that taste is broad, fleshy and fruity taste, leading to a final cool.



Bodega: Gomez de Segura. Laguardia (Álava)

Phone: 945 60 27 February.

Internet: www.gomezdesegura.com.

DO: Rioja.

Type: red oak, 13%.

Varieties: tempranillo.

Price: 4.75 euros.

Score: 9/10.

A modern, stylish, cool red, with intense aroma of berries of blackberry, balance between oak and ripe fruit. Live, soft, tasty tannins, ending in bath sweet fruit with hints of licorice.



Bodega: Borsao. Borja (Zaragoza).

Phone: 976 86 71 16.

Internet: www.bodegasborsao.com.

DO: Campo de Borja.

Type: Young red wine, 14.5%.

Grape varieties: garnacha, tempranillo and some syrah.

Price: 4.50 euros.

Score: 8.9 / 10.

Attractive nose, voluptuous, Mediterranean, with ripe fruit aromas, some notes marc and herbs. Greedy, candied fruit, soft, ripe tannins and good persistence mouth.



Winery: Bodegas Palacio. Laguardia (Álava).

Phone: 941 10 January 51.

Internet: www.bodegaspalacio.es.

DO: Rioja.

Type: Young red wine, 12.5%.

Grape varieties: Tempranillo.

Price: 4.90 euros.

Score: 9/10.

A young red with carbonic semimaceración frank, direct, charming aroma, with abundant wild fruit (blackberry and raspberry) and floral notes. Very tasty, fresh and balanced, it has a delicious finish.



Bodega: Etim. Falset (Tarragona).

Phone: 977 83 01 05.

Internet: www.etim.es.

DO: Montsant.

Type: Young red wine, 14.5%.

Grape varieties: grenache, merlot, cabernet sauvignon and samsó.

Price: 4 euros.

Score: 8.9 / 10.

Complex aroma, perfect combination of abundant wild ripe red fruit and floral aromas, enriched with notes of pastry and memories of mountain herbs. Sensual, greedy and fruity mouth.



Bodega: Dehesa de Luna. La Roda (Albacete).

Phone: 967 54 85 08.

Internet: www.dehesadeluna.com.

VT: Tierra de Castilla.

Type: red oak, 14%.

Grape varieties: Tempranillo.

Price: 3.50 euros.

Score: 8.9 / 10.

Aroma of wild black and red berries with a touch liquor and spice notes on a light background roasted. Tasty, soft, very pleasant and leaves a sweet memory of stewed fruit.



Bodega: Fariña. Toro (Zamora).

Phone: 980 57 76 73.

Internet: www.bodegasfarina.com.

DO: Toro.

Type: Young red wine, 13.5%.

Varieties: Tinta de Toro.

Price: 4.25 euros.

Score: 8.9 / 10.

A young red envelope, but fresh ripe fruitiness, blackberry, raspberry and black plum, agile and deep at the same time. Very tasty, filling the mouth with sweet tannins and impact of its thriving fruit.


SELECTION Canforrales 2013

Bodega: Campos Reales. El Provencio (Cuenca).

Phone: 967 16 60 66.

Internet: www.bodegascamposreales.com.

DO: La Mancha.

Type: red oak, 14%.

Grape varieties: Tempranillo

Price: 3.40 euros.

Score: 8.8 / 10.

A beauty of wild ripe fruitiness, enhanced by the slight touch of wood and smoked, spices and flowers. The palate is fleshy, balanced, with polished tannins and incredibly tasty.