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Our Favourite Restaurants in the South

First of all I should say I've chosen the top restaurants according to my and my friends personal taste though my friends do eat out a lot and we have been here for many years so we hope you'll agree with us once you've tried them. In no pàrticular order other than they are the best  :-


Maspalomas / Meloneras

Beirut - Lebanese Food
Av Touroperador Air Marin s/n, Maspalomas
Tel - 928 14 27 33  Web - restaurantbeirut.es

Lovely spicey meats. I had falafel then lamb shoarma when we went and both were delicious. We went on a Saturday in August so the place was packed, too much so. The queue outside to get in was over half an hour and it took us an hour after sitting down until we got our food. Book in advance! Saying that the wait was entertaining as there were belly dancers and of course arabic music to keep us occupied. Prices are very reasonable and the menu is on their website.

Samsara - International
Av de la Oasis 30, Maspalomas
Tel - 928 14 27 36  Web - samsara-gc.com

Haut cuisine asian style. A great place to come and swap/share dishes right by the Oasis and dunes. Generous portions for a posh restaurant and very popular. Their menu is on their website. I can recommend the duck and a reservation required.

Gran Italia - International

Boulevard El Faro 39, Meloneras.
Tel - 928 14 18 10
Web - http://www.granditaliasl.com

I must have been here a dozen times or more and every time the food fantasstic, the service efficient and the place was packed. A bit pricey for my pockert at around 50 euros per person for 3 courses and wine but well worth it. Beautiful sauces and I'd recommend the lobster. Open until very late, around 1:30am.


San Fernando de Maspalomas

Abrasa - Steak
Calle Secundino Delgado 5, San Fernando de Maspalomas
Tel - 655 97 12 71  

South American steaks are their speciality. Very attentive staff (though I've never been in when it's too busy), quiet atmosphere. I always have the same thing when I go here which is the mixed grill. It's their speciality, if I wanted pasta I'd go to a pizza restaurant. Never had a bad cut of meat, delicious.

Salsete - Canarian
Calle Secundino Delgado, San Fernando de Maspalomas
Tel - 928 77 82 55 Web - elsalsete.com

Haut cuisine Canarian style. Very upmarket atmosphere and decor inside (so make an effort people) serving typical Canarian dishes. Quite pricey so I haven't been for a while but I do remember getting a sort of a mixed platter to start with friends once which was to die for.

La Palmera Sur
Calle Placido Domingo 12, Bellavista
Tel -  659 59 80 03

I'd describe this as Canarian fusion. They take typical dishes and ingrediants from the Canary Islands and add a twist of their own. It's a great place to order several dishes to share amogst each other. Very reasonably priced (Tuesday to Thursday there's an additional set menu) and quite intamate so booking in advance advised, especially if they stay number 1 on trip advisor. I'd recommend the lamb samosa or the black pudding.


Playa del Ingles

Fusion - Thai
Av España 12 (Apts Las Garcelas), Playa del Ingles
Tel - 928 76 57 05 Web - http://www.fusionplayadelingles.com

Thai food at its best. Every dish is delicious and the restaurant is beautiful inside, very relaxing. Be sure to ask which are the hot dishes!

Wapa Tapa - Spanish Tapas
CC Yumbo, Playa del Ingles
Tel - 650 001 739 Web - http://www.wapatapa.com/

Haut cuisine again this time Spanish Tapas. If you've tried tapas in a basic bar and found it too.... basic well then here's the upmarket place to go.

Greek Village
Av Sargentos Provisionales 30, Playa del Ingles
Tel - 928 77 36 64 

I love greek food so this is one of my favourite restaurants on the island. What can I say, it's greek food. Obviously their speciality is lamb and they do a great mixed platter as a starter.


Puerto Rico

Taste of India - Indian
Main centro comercial. Tel - 928 15 36 20

I've only ever had takeoput from here but it's number 2 out of 153 restaurants in India so I imagine the experience of dining there is equally as impressive as their food. Out of around 20 takeouts we've had, never been disappointed. Order a sweeter Korma dish but ask for it to be a bit spicey!

Balcon Canario - Canarian
Main centro comercial. Tel - 928 15 19 17

Canarian food hence the name! If you want to eat like the locals eat at home then this is the place. Very large and very, very popular restaurant for both lunch and dinner.

Cosi Come Sei - Italian
Centro comercial in Agua La Perra. Tel - 928 56 23 22
Web - http://restaurantecosicomesei.com

Haut cuisine again this timke Italian / mediterranean. Try not to order lasagña - experiment! I can recommend the lamb and be sure to book a table, it fills up every night.