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Spanish Tapas Dishes & Dining

"Tapas" are small, savory dishes, a popular alternative to eating a full meal and usually served during the day. The main meal of the day for the Spanish is dinner which is served late, around 10 in the evening or later.




The Spanish often skip breakfast and have tapas around noon instead or later in the afternoon whilst waiting for dinner.

Most Spanish bars here serve tapas, either from a menu or chalk board or the more traditional way in dishes under a glass counter at the bar. Many restaurants will also have tapas dishes as starters on their menus. Choosing several tapas dishes and sharing them is a nice way of making up a more substantial meal.

So if you'd like to try some tapas whilst you're here then below are 5 popular Spanish options and then 5 more typically Canarian options :-


Spanish Tapas

Jamón Serrano - Very thin slices of dry, cured ham often served alongside fresh melon

Calamares (fritos) - Fried squid in batter

Gambas - Prawns - usually served in hot, garlic oil

Croquetas - A croquette/risole typically of chicken (pollo), fish/tuna (pescado/atún) or ham with cheese (jamon y queso)

Tortilla Española - Omelette with potatoes and olive oil


Canarian Tapas

Papas con mojo - Small roasted and salted new potatoes served with a garlic sauce

Ropa Vieja - Chickpea stew with chicken, potatoes and any other leftover ingrediants from other dishes

Queso tierno con miel - Cured cheese (often goats cheese) served with honey

Potaje de berros - Watercress stew

Gofio escaldado - A savory roasted maize mouse


All Spanish tapas are typically served with fresh, crispy dry bread rolls and "allioli" - garlic mayonaise.


Currently the highest rated restaurant in the south of the island is "Wapa Tapa" in the Yumbo center, Playa del Ingles - A restaurant specialising in gourmet Spanish tapas cuisine. A true dining experience book in advance and expect to make an evening of it, a couple of hours at least.