C   a   n   a   r   y   F   o   r   u   m

Gran Canaria Beaches



If you arrive at the beach and find yourself staring at a huge cement factory and little else then you're at "Punta del Perchel" and you need to carry on round the corner away from thefactory for another kilometre or so, passing the dock / harbour.


Arguineguin itself is one of the very few residential towns on the south coast. The seafront road running parallel to the beach offers food, drink, shops and parking but avoid Tuesday which is market day and everywhere gets very busy.

The beach is semi-deserted during the week (other than Tuesday) and even Sundays there’s plenty of space whereas other beaches would be packed. The locals tend to head off to nearby Anfi beach or Amadores.


This is a golden sand beach with sunbeds and is around 500 meters long. No breakwaters so the waves can be strong some a few days each month though usually it’s a perfect cove to spend a quiet day on the beach.

The bus stops by the garage with services every 20 minutes to neighbouring towns and resorts and from there it’s 5 minutes’ walk down to the beach. Local catches of fish are brought in to the town so if you try somewhere for lunch try one of the (very fresh) fish dishes.


Just round the corner from the beach (heading away from the cement factory again) is the Dorado beach hotel. They seem to have their own little beach and natural sea pool but remember, the coastline here is public so you can use both of those too.