C   a   n   a   r   y   F   o   r   u   m

Palmitos Park

Palmitos Park is an oasis in the south of the island specialising in tropical birds and home to many more creatures from around the world making it more of a zoo nowadays than the bird sanctuary it once was. There's also daily shows by the dolphins, birds of prey and parrots. Catch the number 45 bus from Maspalomas & Playa del Ingles ot the number 70 bus from Puerto Rico.



The park was founded in 1978 by two German businessmen who shared a love of ornithology and wanted to rescue and protect tropical birds, particularly parrots. Since those days it has grown (in size around 20 hectares / 48 acres) into a tropical park home to all kinds of animals, mammals, birds, fish, butterflies, rare orchids, reptiles......

In 2007 there a fire was started in the forests on the north-east coast of Gran Canaria and it spread out of control, reaching the park itself. It was impossible to protect the park and the animals from the flames; cage doors were left open for the animals to flee as the trees and flora around the park burned. Whilst a small percentage of the birds and animals did perish, most returned (for feeding) once the fire had died down and were rescued, along with the park itself. After a lot of investment by the owners and the government it re-opened a year later, bigger and better than ever. Be sure to check out the exhibition in the park showing the fire damage and how they've recovered. 

I visit the park every year myself and am always impressed by the changes and improvements. I'd spend a good half day down there as I'm familiar with a lot of the park but you could easily have a full day out there if you're with the kids though a half day is enough. If you're going by bus be careful of the times going back as they aren't as frequent as they could be and a cab will cost you around 25 euros or so; hire a car!

Now receiving almost a half million visitors ever year, there's plenty of plans for improvements and expansion on the horizon including a much anticipated penguinarium.

The park's open from 10am to 6pm daily. Adult price is around 26 euros, kids €18 and toddlers (3 or 4 years of age) are €8. Not far from the park is Aqua Sur - a large water park and if you plan on visiting that too during your stay (doesn't have to be the same day) you can buy a twin ticket on-line and save money.

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