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Gran Canaria Beaches

Playa Morro Besudo (El Pirata)

Hidden away between San Agustin and Aguila Playa, the only way to get here is via the cliff-top walk then stairs down to the beach itself. You won't see it from the road and other than the serious walkers who hike along the promenade leaving San Agustin you're not likely to find it by accident so when you do get there, chances are (especially mid-week) there are very few if any other people to share it with.



As you can see from the picture above it's a mixture of darker, volcanic sand and pebbles and during high tide you're hard pushed to fid a comfy spot for your towel and you'll be moving around as the sun does to avoid the shade produced from the cliffs. 

The benfit of course is to possibly have the beach to yourself, get away from mainstream tourism and have a peaceful morning or afternoon where you hardly see a sole. Again because it's so secluded nudism is popular here.

aguila extra2

There are also a couple of tiny coves covered with pebbles 5 minutes walk further along the clifftop. They don't seem to be on the map, not as nice as "El Pirata" but just so you know they are there.



  • No to everything apart from nudism - yes.