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Gran Canaria Beaches

Playa Ojos de Garza

Local beach in a small village just 5 minutes north of the island's airport. 

playa ojosdegarza1


At one end of the beach is a large terrace area with a restaurant for meals or just to sit in the shade and have a drink. The beach as you see is small but fairly quiet during the week. At the week-end the entire village seems to come down here so avoid it Saturdays and Sundays.

Interesting fact - all the buildings you see in this picture along with a second rown behind them are scheduled for demolition. The case is currently in court and has been for several years so if you want to see this beach like this, hurry!

Easy to get to buy the way, it's the exit off the motorway after the airport. Be sure to head down to Playa Ojos de Garza and not upwards to the village.