C   a   n   a   r   y   F   o   r   u   m

There's free WiFi in the Airport

As of Monday gone Gran Canaria's airport is one of 12 Spanish airports that AENA has installed the free WiFi service thanks to "Eurona Telecom Wireless". They hope by theend of the year all 46 airports will be covered.


The "Free"service will pay for itself by displaying ads whilst you surf. Additionally there'll be enough bandwidth and speed for the basics, to check your email and surf for 30 minutes at a max speed of 2 megas. Of course there's a premium service you can pay for which isn't too expensive considering you're buying it in an airport at 4.90 euros for 24 hours. it will allow you to streem video and is a decent speed between 3 and 10 megas. Only one device can connect though so if you're a family with several devices you'll have to spend 9 euros to connect 4 devices. Not bad. I know hotels that charge 10 units for 1 device with poor speeds and signals.