C   a   n   a   r   y   F   o   r   u   m

Gran Canaria Beaches

Playa de las Burras

This is a large golden-sand beach and whilst the shoreline can get busy, especially at the northern end closest to the Don Gregory hotel at the southern end the beach is some 100 meters or so deep and semi-deserted. One of the few sandy beaches in the south where you can relax away from the ball-games and loud groups of people, just peace and quiet.


So the north part of the beach just touches the tip of San Agustin and the southern end is almost in Playa del Ingles still so obviously the beach is between the two resorts which is one reason why it doesn't get too busy during the week. Each of the resorts has other, busy beaches to offer maybe easier to get to.

You can park around the El Veril area of Playa del Ingles if you have a car and walk onto the beach from there. Alternatively where the Tropical center is there's also a bus stop then stairs going down onto the beach. Plenty of restaurants, bars and a couple of supermarkets in the center before you go down. From the other side access if via San Agustin, park near the Don Gregory hotel, the bus stop is 5 or 10 minutes walk up the hill from there and again there's a commercial center by the bus stop in San Agustin too for food and drink.


Sunbeds are for hotel guests only so take a big towel. There's no lifeguard nor is the beach protected by breakwaters so keep an eye on the kids!