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Ozone Gym -Maspalomas

I was going to do a review on the different gyms around Maspalomas & Playa del Ingles and let you decide where to go but after their refurb in January & February 2015 the "Ozone Boutique Gym" doesn't really have any competition. For those of us living here looking for cheap monthly plans then yes, there's a couple more to consider but none as complete or advanced as this one.


Before I go on, if you're really on a budget then the cheapest gym but also one of the best equipped is the council gym at the top end of Playa del Ingles, it's part of the Estadio Insular (Stadium, San Fernando). You have to pay a one-time fee of 3 euros for an identity bracelet then each time you go to the gym it's 2 euros entry.


I do believe I've seen all of the gyms in the south and Ozone gym is the biggest, with the most space and more machines than any other. The main hall is huge with the very latest in technology as far as the machines go and there's space in the free weights area so you aren't knocking into each other. The longest wall is all windows so on cooler days all are open so the hall feels fresh and on hotter days there's very good air-conditioning. 


There's a well equipped training room off to one side where you can go to do stretching exercises, use exercise bands, there are special bars on the wall or ceiling for exercises, stretching or attaching the bands, there's swiss balls, kettle-bells, a mirrored wall, mats, bars and weights even a punching bag. There's another larger training room where daily classes are held. There's usually something every couple of hours during the morning and hourly during the evening. Pilates, Zumba, Gap, Body Power, Step & Abs. There's a third room off the main hall which is just for spinning classes which are 3 times a day. Huge TV screens show you the mountain routes you are supposedly passing through.


The training machines are fantastic. For example if I do chest I have to stop because my chest hurts and not because my arms won't do any more. They are all provided by http://www.freemotionfitness.com/ so if you have a look at their website you'll see what they are and how they work. The treadmills for example aren't just for running, "browse the web during any workout! With the built-in 10" full-color touch screen and browser Powered by Android™, every FreeMotion® Cardio machine delivers the ultimate motivation. Now, you can check the news, read email, watch sports highlights, get on Facebook® and more!"  Finally downstairs there's the saunas, dry and steam.

Upstairs is the pool area. The pool is heated all year round with lanes for swimming. There's also three hydro-massage outlets. Down the side of the pool are underwater air-beds and two jacuzzi areas. The water here is around 5C warmer still than the main pool. Plenty of deck space and sunbeds though you won't need that if you're here on holiday.


A one day pass isn't the best value anywhere, here it's 11 euros. If you're here for a 2 week holiday or maybe 1 week but there are two of you then the best value is a "bono" of 10 entries for 60 euros. For residents the best deal by far making it a very similar price to several other gyms is a 6 month deal for 250 euros (so less than 42 euros a month) otherwise a one month membership is 60 euros.

You'll find it in the Holiday World center in the middle of Maspalomas up on the top floor. Open Monday - Friday 0800 - 2230, Saturdays and Holidays from 1000 - 1800 and Sundays from 1000 - 1400. You can get in touch with them on +34 928 730 523 & via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. They are also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ozoneboutiquegym