C   a   n   a   r   y   F   o   r   u   m

Tu Chef - Personal Chef Service

Your own “haute cuisine” Chef to prepare a meal or maybe to stay for an entire day or even for a week. Let him organise a special romantic dinner for two or perhaps cater for a small party such as an anniversary dinner, a barbecue, a paella... all served in your home / villa / apartment / boat …....






Tu Chef (Your Chef) is a new, exclusive service offered on Gran Canaria by event manager Carlos Herrera with critically acclaimed chef Diego Galán (“No” restaurant, “Chantarella” and “Dabbo” - Madrid)



Carlos will sit with you and talk about the menu. You can let him know your specific requirements or ideas or let him present some preprepared menus to you. Diego the chef will then visit local markets and shops to find the freshest produce. He´ll then visit your residence and begin preparing your meal. Feel free to watch, get involved or just pinch a recipe or two.

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For more information, queries and to check availability contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.