C   a   n   a   r   y   F   o   r   u   m

News from the week

So the week ended with crazy weather. On 8th August during the morning we had torrential rain. It never rains in August... well it does now. Not just regular rain but a thunder storm with over 200 lightning bolts during the day in the south of the island where the rain reached 11 litres per meter square during the day until 17:00. By the afternoon the sun was out and it was over 30C, everyone back on the beach again. The heat continues over the weekend with a "calima" = hot temperatures as a sand storm drifts over the south of the island.



Tourism figures released this week show 33% of tourists arriving to the Canary Islands are deciding to opt for all-inclusive hotels. This number seems to be ever increasing. Here´s hoping everyone on self catering or half board makes the most of their time outside of the hotel and explores a little to sample local cuisine or just support our local bars and restaurants. There was a 7% increase on tourist spending the over the last three months with a total 2,642 million euros spent. Hotel prices went up on average 3% and we continue to welcome more tourists than ever before.

Unemployment saw a huge drop in July but don´t hurry over for a job just yet, July sees lots of seasoal work that lasts just two months so wwe expect that to go up again in September with over a third of the work-force unemployed.

Las Canteras beach in Las Palmas is officially the best beach in the Canary Islands having regained it's Q for quality, the only beach to have the away ihe Islands.


As well as the additional UK flights in our last blog new routes are being planned for Summer, 2016 :- Gran Canaria-Bratislava (Slovakia); Gran Canaria-Venice (Italy); Gran Canaria-Budapest (Hungary) ; Gran Canaria-Lyon (France); Lanzarote-Warsaw (Poland); Lanzarote-Krakow (Poland); Lanzarote-Geneva (Switzerland); Lanzarote-Nantes (France); Fuerteventura-Lyon (France); Fuerteventura-Vienna (Austria); Tenerife South Vilnius (Lithuania); Tenerife Zagreb (Croatia). 

Planning your wedding, want to get married on the beach? Looks like that night be possible http://thecanarynews.com/beach-weddings-in-the-canary-islands/