C   a   n   a   r   y   F   o   r   u   m

Almond Festival

Winter's coming to an end and spriing is in the air .... well, not quite but thanks to our warmer than norml climate at the ennd of January the islands thousands upon thousands of almond trees come into blossom.



The sight can be qquite sppectacular as hillsides which usually appear quite barren suddenly burst into colour as the red and pink flowers bloom.

Head inland and you'll find it hard not to see the almond trees in bloom as they are all over the island but larger concentrations can be found in the very center in and around the village of Tejeda, Tunte, San Bartolome and further north to the towns of Santa Brigida and Valsequillo.


It is the towns of Tejeda and Valsequillo which really celebrate the event with Almond Festivals towards the end of January / early February each year with a whle week-end if events which include agriicultural and artisan markets, traditional Canarian music, dancing and of course plenty to eat and drink, in particular delicacies made with almonds.