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Gran Canaria Towns & Resorts


Arucas is a town and area filled with history. Originally, Gran Canaria was divided into 10 "kingdoms", Arucas being one of them. The ancient inhabitants farmed the land, living as shepherds or growing wheat and barley, and living in the surrounding hills in caves. To this day, many of these caves still exist and several are still inhabited, though modernized a little to include all the comforts expected from a modern-day house.

Throughout the centuries, Arucas has seen the cultivation of sugar, cereals, vineyards, cocoa and bananas. Always able to vast produce one or more of these at a given time, the town always prospered and continued to develop. trade also rose from stone-masonry. The local, grey-blue volcanic stone became extremely popular and many of today's buildings are evidence of this time.

Montaña de Arucas 
THE VOLCANO - To the north-east of the town is "volcan de arucas", the volcano. Today just a mountain, it's well worth a visit for the spectacular views. you can see most of the northern coastline from its peek, along with a birds-eye view of Las Palmas and to the south, the mountains that mark the center of the island. A small park and restaurant are also part of the mountain, as are two of the most foul-mouthed parrots (alive still circa 2000!) I have ever heard.

Plaza de la Constitucion


As well as home to the town's market hall and market, the constitution square houses the old town hall which was never repaired after being hit by a cannonball during the civil war. It serves as a reminder to citizens to live in peace. Just of the square is the town's main museum, Gourie House.

Parque de los Continentes

(Do I really need to translate some of this stuff, I think not). 
To the rear of the square is a spectacular park, home to an incredible variation of exotic plants and trees from all continents of the world. Bamboo from China or grass (not that kind) from Hawaii. Being on the edge of the town, the views downhill to the coastline are breathtaking.

The Rum Factory

Passing through the Park of the Continents then the old stone quarry, you arrive at the Rum Factory. You can visit the cellars here and enjoy tasting the local products. (They have a rum that's 20 years old, go for that!). Also look out for all the autographs from famous people that have passed through. Closes at 2pm, get there early!



Garden of the Marchioness

On the very edge of town, the garden is the most peaceful and scenic place you could imagine. The lake is surrounded by shrubs, trees, flowers, huge dragon trees and peacocks. If you continue down the road from this garden, after a few minutes driving you'll arrive at the oldest salt works on the island. Currently being restored. 
The beach area here in general is to be developed over the next five years (at a cost of 38 billion pesetas). An ideal place for natural treatments and remedies, natural sea water and freshwater swimming pools are to be built alongside a new health center and select restaurants. Soon it will also be possible to swim with the dolphins as the dolphinarium is also constructed. Close by a golf course and hotels will also be built.