C   a   n   a   r   y   F   o   r   u   m

Gran Canaria Towns & Resorts

Very popular with families and older couples. Families love it here as the main beach has a very good breakwater making the sea safe to play in for the kids. During the winter months nationalities are split between Scandanavia and the UK but the summer months see the British take over, almost completely!


Around the commercial centers you are going to meet "promotion" staff. Their job is to tell you about the restaurant, bar or club they work for and persuade you to try it. I must confess, there's quite a lot of them as you'll find out but it's often worth a listen to them to get free drinks! If you're not interested though, treat them like a bad-tempered doberman, stay away from them and don't look into their eyes, then you should be safe - otherwise - they'll attack. We have more promotion staff around the resort plugging various services from excursions to time share but you'll find most of them nowadays are all legal and licensed.

Puerto Rico is busy all-year-round, especially so in the winter months rather than the summer. All of the services the resort has to offer are there 12 months of the year, nothing closes for "off season" because here, there isn't an off season.

There's air-conditioned buses that travel from one shopping center to another (there are three main centers here) every 45 minutes or so and cost around 70 cents per journey. A taxi fair for the same distance costs around €2.50 to €3.00

Adjacent to the main resort of Puerto Rico is the newer beach & resort of Amadores. Prior to the year 2000 there was nothing there so all of the hotels and apartment complexes are new and all of quite a high standard, very, very good 3 stars though mainly 4 stars and 4-star luxury. The (blue-flag) beach is large and lined with a fantastic choice of restaurants and bars.


The taxi service on the island is very efficient, reliable and safe. All taxis are white in colour with a green logo on the roof for Puerto Rico. Almost all are Mercedes by make and are licensed by the council with official meters inside. During the day it's advisable to wear a shirt or T-shirt if you're trying to hail/catch one as some drivers won't pick you up if you're "bare-backed" for reasons of hygiene. Every taxi has it's license number displayed on the back and it's a good idea to take a note of this if you travel around with valuables all the time. Should you ever lose anything in a taxi and have this number, the chances of you getting it back, cash included!, are very high. Without the number, the service is still very helpful and I've found by giving details of the journey, they can locate the taxi that was taken and recover any lost property that way too. For more information on this or to have any of your queries answered regarding taxis for this area, the central office telephone number is 928 735949. You should be able to travel anywhere within the resort for less than €4. A taxi from the airport to Puerto Rico will cost around €40. The airport is located more towards the north of the island, near the city of Las Palmas. Tipping is discretionary but usually around 10% of the fare.