C   a   n   a   r   y   F   o   r   u   m

Complaining Officially

An “hoja de reclamaciones” is an official Spanish “complaint form” and the first step in lodging an official complaint with the governments consumer information office. Every business must have them and present you with one on demand. If you ask for one and don’t get one, inform the proprietor that you’re going to the local police station and plan to return with an officer. It’s a criminal offence to refuse you a form when asked.


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Almond Festival

Winter's coming to an end and spriing is in the air .... well, not quite but thanks to our warmer than norml climate at the ennd of January the islands thousands upon thousands of almond trees come into blossom.


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Accommodation Choices

For most of the year you really are spoilt for accommodation choices in any of the major resorts. Leaving things to the last minute during peak times* and you’ll be left with a few very basic choices and the odd over-priced one.

Riu AmadoresThe Riu Palace Vistamar - Amadores

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