C   a   n   a   r   y   F   o   r   u   m

News from the week

So the week ended with crazy weather. On 8th August during the morning we had torrential rain. It never rains in August... well it does now. Not just regular rain but a thunder storm with over 200 lightning bolts during the day in the south of the island where the rain reached 11 litres per meter square during the day until 17:00. By the afternoon the sun was out and it was over 30C, everyone back on the beach again. The heat continues over the weekend with a "calima" = hot temperatures as a sand storm drifts over the south of the island.


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Ozone Gym -Maspalomas

I was going to do a review on the different gyms around Maspalomas & Playa del Ingles and let you decide where to go but after their refurb in January & February 2015 the "Ozone Boutique Gym" doesn't really have any competition. For those of us living here looking for cheap monthly plans then yes, there's a couple more to consider but none as complete or advanced as this one.


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Cruise Ship Stop - Las Palmas Gran Canaria

So your ship will be docking here in Las Palmas for the day, usually from early morning until late at night so as well as the option of spending the day in the city you could book an eight-hour tour and visit much of the island instead.


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Gran Canaria Sun Bathing Tips

Gran Canaria is hot and sunny, more so than most European destinations and has one of the highest uv-index rates. That means the sun burns you more intensly here than anywhere else. That can be great during the winter months when you want a relaxing break and top up your tan but once temperatures reach 25C you need to be very careful, here's some tips for those hotter days :-


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