C   a   n   a   r   y   F   o   r   u   m

Los Tilos de Moya


Los Tilos de Moya offers a very easy walk in the north of the island, not suprisingly close to the town of Moya. This is a walk through a laurasilva forrest covering 91 hectares of "barranco" (valley). It's part of the National Park of Doramas.


As you arrive you'll see the start of the walk sign-posted from the GC-160 and you're best finding a place to park on the main road rather than turning off onto the small road leading into the forrest as there's nowhere really to park the car safely allowing space for passing traffic.

The walk is a barranco where you climb up on the left side, walk about 1 kilometer along then climb down again and walk back on the opposite side of the barranco but on street level. As you turn off into the forrest you'll see the start of the walk on your left and the shallow climb up is actually made very easy thanks to a man-made path complete with steps and hand-rails. 

For most part of the walk up there are spectacular, panoramic views and as you reach the end an open area of forrest with a place to stop for a picnic. The walk back is partly along the roadside and partly through the forrest but all the while along a very clearly marked path.

We were stopping every 5 minutes to take photos and did the walk as slowly as possible and still we finished in not much more than a couple of hours so hopefully you'll have plenty of time to visit the nearby town of Moya afterwards.