C   a   n   a   r   y   F   o   r   u   m


Not far from Agaete on the north west corner of the island is the protected park of Tamadaba, around 7500 hectors in total anmd including 18 kilometers of coastline, rising to 1444 meters and home to Canarian pine forests, lush ravines, reservoirs and some of the most spectacular views the island has to offer. On a good day you’ll have a little scattered white cloud below you and straight ahead amazing views of Tenerife and its mount Teide.


The pine forest of this area is extremely efficient in harnessing water which it collects from passing cloud then passes it into the ground. The bark of the tree is incredibly thick, once as a protection from volcanic activity nowadays proves ideal in protecting the trees from forest fires.

A haven for wildlife a couple of interesting species here are the Canarian woodpecker and blue chaffinch, also hawks, kestrels, though most of the birds on the island thrive here thanks to the abundance of flora, insects and constant supply of fresh water.




There are several different walks through the park each with its own footpath. You can approach from the south heading up the GC200 from Mogan or the faster route believe it or not is up the east coast and along the north coast – all of which is motorway then the few kilometres down the GC200 from Agaete. You'll see the park signposted as you're driving down and places to park by camping areas where the trails also start.