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Unlike the other Canary Islands where a handful of good beaches are worth passing the day on, Fuerteventura has more than a hundred and fifty beaches and coves all worth visitng! Mentioning them one-by-one isn't practical so the idea of this page is to give you an idea of what to expect as you go around the island.

My personal favourite shown above, is Playa de Sotavento in the south near Costa Calma. To get there, take the turning off the FV2 for "Hotel Los Gorriones". Follow the road to its end and there's plenty of parking. There's a vast stretch of sand, some 1,500 meters to cross before you reach the water once the tide is fully out. Otherwise, once covered with water you can still walk out to sea in waiste-high turquoise water. The north of the beach has a sand bank 500 meters out to see and is very popular with windsurfers. There's also refreshements served here.

You could actually walk along the beach around here from Costa Calma down to Morro Jable. It's a good 20km though so you probably wouldn't want to? If you did, the "playas" you would pass along the way include Esmeralda, Barca, Sotavento, Pecenescal, Los Canarios, Mal Nombre, Esquinzo and Butihondo. Each one has fantastic white sand and crystal clear, calm waters - dream beaches.



The beaches around El Cotillo (Esquinzo, El Aguila, El Aljibe de la Cueva, El Castillo, Los Lagos, Caletas del Rio, del Hierro, del Marrajo, Majanicho) are beaches of fine golden sand of various sizes, such as El Aljibe shown above, close to the village. Pretty wild beaches, ideal for fishing, surfing and windsurfing but not always for family swimming due to strong undercurrents here. East of El Cotillo and past the lighthouse are several beautiful small lagoons of coarse white sand of organic origin protected from the fierce sea by natural barriers of black rock.


The beaches around Corralejo are Playa de Corralejo, El Medano, Bajo Negro, Los Matos, El Moro, Playa Alzada and Playita del Poris. White sand beaches and crystal clear waters (yet again!) with some services and facilities such as sunbed and umbrella rental and water sports. La Bocaina del Rio, between Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, is one of the best places on the Canaries to practice diving as well as windsurfing. Turquoise-green waters, white sand and a spectacular landscape of sand dunes with lava fields in the background.

Las Playitas are black sand beach about 2.5km long, with very calm waters. Within the municipality of Tuineje, the village of Las Playitas (with some restaurants and private apartments) is nearby.

There's a blue-flag beach at Gran Tarajal -3km of dark sand beach. The town has the second highest population on the island so plenty of services and activities, there's a promenade with lots of places to eat and drink. Another blue-flag beach is Tarajalejo, 3.5km of black sand and pebble beach again with very calm waters and a smaller promenade. Tarajalejo is close by with hotels and places to eat.



Morro Jable & Jandia is 4Km of fine yellow sand. Jandia is one of the main tourist resorts so the beach here has everything when it comes to services and facilities. At the south there's a harbour with ferries to other islands, fishing trips and boat excursions. There is also sailing, windsurfing, jet skis, parasailing and water-ski-ing. Lots of sun beds and umbrellas for rent and a huge choice of restaurants and bars along the promenade as well as beach stops serving snacks and drinks.


Of course, Caleta de Fuste being a major tourist resort (towards the center of the east coast) also has a nice beach to attract the tourists.

Darker coloured sand, plenty of sunbeds and calm(ish) waters, along with the fact there's plenty of beach for everyone, makes this a popular destination.



As I said before, there are too many beaches to mention but if you want a choice of the best ones to go visit, there they are. Along the south west of the island there are more, spectacular beaches, one or two a good 10km long or more but the waves and rocks there make them far too dangerous for bathing, even divers have been killed here so be VERY careful along these beaches.