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Can you tell me what the apartments are like where I'll be staying?

Definitely, the number 1 of the questions asked list. Your holiday brochure and my apartments page should answer everything for you but I also know of a lot of the complexes here and can tell you my opinion of them.  Also on the forum there's an "apartments" section where you can post questions in the hope that people who are going or have been, can post the replies you're looking for.

Is there anywhere on the Internet where I can find cheap flights to Gran Canaria?

Yes - Cheapflights & also Skyscanner

Is there an internet cafe?

Yes, Lanzarote is very much there as far as tecnology goes and you'll find almost every commercial center has at least one cybercafe plus a lot of restaurants and bars have free wifi for their customers. If you MUST have Internet look when booking your accommodation as most hotels and apartment complexes also offer WI-FI.

What's the time difference between Fuerteventura and .........?

We are on GMT time here so the same as the UK. We even put out clocks forwards and backwards and the same time of the year.

What's the weather like there at the moment?

Have a look at the top of each of our pages to see the forecast or check the forum's "everything else section" for a weather forecast thread.

What's good for sunburn?

Sit in the sun for 4 hours without a break. No, don't do that! You will burn and what's good for burns is Aloe Vera and/or Lavender. To help soothe the pain, try cold, natural yoghurt (on the burn, not to eat!) Start your holiday with A minimum of factor 9, it really is very easy to burn here as thousands each week can surely tell you! Have a look here

Do you know how I can find work/a job on Fuerteventura?

No - but here's my advice 

How much money should I bring?

Bring it all and if you don't spend it, take it back with you! Check my page on Shopping and Food and that should give you a good idea. Most excursions cost around €30 each so add on for that too. 

a)What do I need to bring if I want to hire a car?
b) Is it worth hiring a car on Fuerteventura?

(a) Your driving licence - all nationalities welcomed - and your passport. 
(b) Yes, here's why and how

Is Lanzarote a good place for kids/families/singles/young fun/a quiet holiday.......

"Yes" for everyone! The resort genuinely caters for everyone. The huge choice of excursions, bars, restaurants, shops, activities and things to do in general by day and night here are aimed at everyone. There is no "low season" here so everything's always there for everyone. Check the towns for more info.

What injections do I need to get before I arrive?


Will my mobile phone work there?

Quite probably, yes. I know the major companies from the UK (Orange, Mercury, Vodafone) do. Make sure you've asked you're supplier to give you international access though before you leave home.

Are there plenty of cash points (ATM) around?

Yes, accepting all the major cards including those with the cirus logo as well as the more common visa and access/master card logos plus all versions of them (visa electron, maestro...) and more but not Link cashpoint cards from the UK unless it has one of the other mentioned logos on it too.

What insects/creepy crawlies should I expect?

Cockroaches I'm afraid! Usually they hide from movement and light which means it's not common for them to get into apartments though they do like cool, dark places so if you're window's open all the time with lights off and you out (you'll be robbed doing that by the way), they may decide to come in (cockroaches now) and have a look round. Spray them if you see one, don't stand on them as this is how the female's eggs can be spread. Not so common to see a mosquito though and the lizards that live here are never to be found around apartment complexes as human's scare them silly. Don't leave food out overnight or spilt sweet stuffs at any time and you shouldn't have a problem with anything.

Is it still lively in winter - are many places still open?

Yes, definately still busy in winter as that's the island's busiest season. Not a lot of places to go in Europe during winter for guaranteed sunshine so everyone heads here. Summer is the quiet season oddly enough but other than the odd thing such as foam parties (summer only) and banks opening on a Saturday (winter only), everything stays the same here

Can I print out some of your site to bring with me or give to friends?

Yes, help yourself to whatever you want. All I ask is you don't copy my stuff to do a site of your own without asking me first, especially the photos. If you want to print stuff off to use as a travel guide for when you're here and/or give it to anyone else to use, fine - go ahead - it's half the reason I do this anyway.

Is it possible / easy to travel from one Canary Island to another?

Yes, flights take from 40-45 minutes and there's a choice of ferry companies operating between the islands. Between Fuerteventura & Lanzarote it's very easy and economical to cath the ferry from one island to another, takes around a half hour. More info here