Welcome to Gran Canaria!

Gran Canaria is one of the seven Spanish Canary Islands and is located just over 200 kilometers from the African coast and some 1,250 kilometers from Cadiz, the closest point in Europe and of course the Spanish mainland.

Gran Canaria is known as the continent in miniature because of its diversity. Although just 50 kilometers from top to bottom and 50 more from the west coast to the east, the center of the island rises up to just under 2,000 meters. Pine and laurisilva forests and reservoirs are found in the center along with quaint villages unspoilt by tourism. The north coast enjoys an eternal spring, an average of 24C all year round and is home to the larger towns and capital city, Las Palmas. The south of the island receives less rainfall than many deserts and always enjoys a hot, summer climate (even in winter!) so of course that's where you'll find the tourist resorts and sandy beaches.

The island also offers over 100 beaches along its 236 kilometers of coastline, several blue-flag beaches, some of the largest holiday resorts in Europe, some of the top-rated hotels in Spain, one of Spain's largest cities, one of the biggest carnivals in the world.... start browsing the travel guide and discover more.