God, sometimes it is hard to be alone. I went out last night at 8 p.m and came back at eleven. I had left the lights on, my bungalow is a corner one and beside a dark garden which is fenced off. As soon as I had opened the gate and walked to the terrace I saw a lot of dirt on the tiles. I then saw that one of the terrace doors was slightly open and peeped inside (lights on) and saw that my computer was no longer on the table. I went directly outside the gate and called 112. They came and what a show Well, I am not going into that. I spent most of the night giving a report with the assistance of my invaluable Spanish teacher who came in the middle of the night to help. I walked around after I came home, finally got some sleep at 8 this morning.
Now I have booked in RIU in Meloneras for the night!!! Hope to get some sleep.
Can anyone lend me a dog????? What can I do in a situation like that? Made a contract until May.
No telephone, camera, computer, etc. etc. but the left the printer ... for later???
Hope this is not a common situation. I wonder if I can get some security for tomorrow (Sunday) and whether I can then "move it with me to my new home in May?