Hi all,

If you are planning a holiday in Puerto Rico Extreeemz bar is a must visit venue. With friendly staff welcoming you in and tending to your every need, this is really the best bar on the Island.

DJ Russ is fantastic and so very funny-making you feel right at home. My boyfriend, Dan and I only slipped in for a quick drink on our first night and ended up staying there all night and all week! If that doesn't tell you something I don't know what will!

The gorgeous Chloe Leigh sings in here on a Wednesday providing fantastic entertainment that gets everyone singing along.

The questions and shots game not only breaks the ice (well you get far to pissed to care any more once you have a few of them!) but is a great way of making friends (as we did)-Big shout out to Steve, Leslie (Papa and Mama Smirf) John and Paula (Mr and Mrs Birkenhead), Becky and Matt (Mr and Mrs Nottingham) and Mr and Mrs Birmingham!

I had the best time in Gran Canaria and it's not the beautiful weather or the lovely beach Dan and I talk about to people back home-mostly the topic of conversation with reference to this holiday is Extreeemz!

Hayley and Dan (Mr and Ms Chelsea!) x