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    Flights from LPA to Stanstead

    I gave up after an hour now, and decided to consult the good people here. How can I find on the Internet flights, one way, from LPA to STN? Whatever search word I put in, I get fligts TO Lpa and they won't take LPA as a valid departure airport. What am I doing wrong? I did this a year ago and finally got something, can't remember which airline. I even tried Kelkoo and lost it again after finding one flight. What is the time difference here and in London? The flight I found seemed to take much longer than usual. My husband has to go home for a few months... I am staying! Alone in a multinational area... scary. Plus, the owner of the bungalow told me to be careful not to leave any valuables there, as two of the bungalows had been broken into recently...:ph34r:

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    try and they do one ways and returns FROM las Palmas

    when it takes longer it means that there is a stopover normally in Madrid there is no time difference

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