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Medication costs, prescriptions
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    Medication costs, prescriptions

    all being well I am looking at moving to Gran Canaria just after Easter with my wife and 2 children. I have been researching just about everything I can on how to move and what I need to do when we get there etc. I have a lot of my answers, some things I'm just going to have to figure out when I get there (i plan another scouting trip over in Feb), but one major thing I need to know before we go and haven't got a definitive answer, so would really like some help:
    My wife has medication to control epilepsy which she takes every day, is it going to be easy to get this medication in Gran Canaria (she has to have specific type and brand of pills), and will it be expensive?
    Obviously it's free in the UK and readily available, but I need to be sure it is available when we move and how much it will cost us. When we move I will be self employed and will support my family, pay my taxes, become residents, etc.
    Thank you in advance for any help.

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    Sorry, I have only just noticed this post, so i apologise for not answering earlier.
    If you message me with all the details of the medication, then I can look into it for you.
    We have the British medical clinic. Dr paul is a private GP who trained in the UK and was a GP in brighton for 14 years before we moved here, so we should be able to advise you.
    The British Medical Clinic,
    Bungalows Martinica 19, Puerto Rico

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