1. Saloon cars hold a maximum 4 passengers and 4 small suitcases. If you are traveling with 4 large cases, extra luggage such as a pushchair, golf clubs, bike bag/box, if you're bringing a wheelchair or think you need extra room for any other reason, a minibus should be booked. Contact us and we'll tell you what size you'll need.
  2. If your flight is delayed by up to 4 hours and your scheduled flight number does not change, you do not need to call us. Our local staff in the Canary Islands will know of the delay and wait or arrive accordingly. If you miss a connecting flight and are allocated a new flight number or your delay is more than 4 hours, please contact us and let us know. There is no additional charge for flight delays.
  3. Contacting us - General enquiries and any matter before your date of travel should always be via email. Once you have arrived to the island please call on the telephone numbers on your booking confirmation.
  4. If you have a return trip back to the airport booked, this is to be prepaid either on arrival or at the time of booking. If you choose not to prepay for a return trip back to the airport on arrival at your accommodation or at the time of boking then the return trip will be cancelled. If you prepay a trip from resort to the airport and decide to cancel giving us 4 hours notice or more we will refund it in full.
  5. Any changes must be received by email/internet. We can't be held responsible for any misunderstanding if you arrange something verbally with the driver.
  6. On day of departure, please be ready at the agreed collection time at the main entrance (on the street) into the complex/hotel where you are staying. The driver will wait 5 minutes after this time. If his/her schedule allows they will try and wait longer if required but we cannot guarantee longer than 5 minutes.
  7. We will not take responsibility for any items you may inadvertantly leave in one of our vehicles. We always do our best to find and return the item to you during your stay, time allowing but bear in mind our vehicles are collecting passengers all day long and we may not be the first people to find your lost property! 
  8. All services on Tenerife are by minibus, both private and shared.