C   a   n   a   r   y   F   o   r   u   m

There's free WiFi in the Airport

As of Monday gone Gran Canaria's airport is one of 12 Spanish airports that AENA has installed the free WiFi service thanks to "Eurona Telecom Wireless". They hope by theend of the year all 46 airports will be covered.

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Gran Canaria Villas

This isn't an easy topic to cover but should be something the island is promoting more. It's a fantastic way for a small (or larger) group to stay in luxury and have plenty of space and ameneties at their disposal. Instead the Canarian government are out on this one trying to decide what's legal or not. Currently all villas built outside of tourist resorts can be rented out daily or weekly as long as the owner has applied to do so and has abided by various checks and conditions. So rural villas are a go and there's plenty of them but villas in and around the resorts are still being considered, though currently there's quite a nice choice for you to be looking at.

(Anfi Opel Villas)

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Ten good wines under 5 euros a bottle.

Spain may have the best and widest range of wines at low prices, with excellent quality. Reasons abound. The country has the largest expanse of vineyards in the world and ranks among the three largest producers, with areas such as the central plateau, a veritable sea of vines.

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News from the week

So the week ended with crazy weather. On 8th August during the morning we had torrential rain. It never rains in August... well it does now. Not just regular rain but a thunder storm with over 200 lightning bolts during the day in the south of the island where the rain reached 11 litres per meter square during the day until 17:00. By the afternoon the sun was out and it was over 30C, everyone back on the beach again. The heat continues over the weekend with a "calima" = hot temperatures as a sand storm drifts over the south of the island.


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